Xaviera Lopez



My name is Xaviera Lopez. I’m a Chilean artist and animator. I’ve been drawing since childhood; it’s what gives me joy.



In art college I became fascinated by video loops and animation. After college, I worked for a few years as an art director for an advertising firm. During that time, I abandoned my personal artwork, despite having a constant yet uncomfortable feeling about where my life was going.



Everything collapsed in 2012 when I attended grad school and discovered it was not what I expected. I quit and studied yoga for two years; I needed to find myself again. My situation changed for the better when I started yoga. It changed the relationship I had with myself. I still practice every day.


egg walking In 2013, I was introduced to Vine by my sister and instantly fell in love with it. My passion for creating art seemed to fit in this app. Although Vine had technical limitations initially, there were many inspiring and supportive people on it. A Vine user had to be very resourceful to make a great post.

Creating art on Vine was a good way to have a little visibility outside of my country, Chile, where it’s difficult to be an publicly-known artist.

I spent all my spare time making vines. I even lost some friends because I wouldn’t go out on the weekends. I learned so much from this app. After a year of vining, I was offered work to create branded content on the app. I was also invited to display my work in a couple of exhibitions. Later, I expanded to other formats like gif.


hide and seek


I love to learn and improve in every way, every day. Creativity feeds my soul. In my animations, I reveal how my work progresses and ultimately who I am; this is not always pleasant. It’s like journaling; I try to be as honest as I can.

Vine is like a moving comic made by different frames in real time.  The thing I love the most about it is you can share something meaningful, and in turn, attract like-minded people who then inspire you to create and share again. It’s a very magical cycle.






I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and the people I’ve met on Vine.  At first, it was hard and sometimes painful to find my voice on Vine, but now I am slowly getting it. I’d like to inspire, especially young girls, and let them know that if I could do this, anyone can.

Interview by Yolanda Baker


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